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Flight Track Add-In for Microsoft MapPoint
Flight Track FeaturesFlight Track predicts, reviews, and tracks weather balloon flights inside MapPoint.
  • Use READY data to create six possible flight paths varied by maximum altitude and ascent rates
  • Use two READY data sets to visualize flight path changes by time or location
  • Review past flights
  • Track flights in real time and use the real-time flight path forecasting to approximate the landing site
  • Define the format of your ARPS packet, define multiple launch sites, generate flight logs
  • Follow flights using a APRS-IS data feed (internet connection required)
  • Use your GPS to plot your position relative to the payload
  • Update your Twitter status (internet connection required)
  • Review altitude, ascent/descent rate, course, and speed on real-time charts
  • Speed flight path prediction with automated wind data retrieval (provided in cooperation with the NOAA Air Resource Laboratory)
Machine Requirements
  • Microsoft MapPoint
  • Serial port or internet connection required for real time tracking
  • Serial port required to plot GPS position
  • Internet connection required for automated wind data retrieval
Contact InformationIf you have questions about Flight Track, or have a suggestion for improvement, please send me a note.

Flight Track HelpFlight Track installs its help files on your hard drive. Alternatively, you may review Flight Track Help on-line.

InstallationAfter downloading the Flight Track ZIP file, expand it on your hard drive. Double-click the file name FlightTrackAddInSetup.msi to begin the installation.
If you use the default installation, it installs Flight Track under the C:\Programs folder, and a folder structure under your ApplicationData folder (for example, if your name is JSmith, the Flight Track folder structure installs in C:\Documents and Settings\JSmith\ApplicationData\FlightTrack).
When the installation completes, start MapPoint and load the add-in from the Tools menu. See Installation Help for more information.
Download Flight Track
MapPoint Screen Shot
GreenActual Flight Path
YellowPredicted from
BluePredicted from
Flight Data

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