Surfing Satellites

Surfing Satellites projects benefit from a wide array of resources.

AlincoAlinco manufactures amature radios.
American Radio Relay League (ARRL)The ARRL provides information about amature radio.
Analog DevicesAnalog Devices manufactures integrated circuits for signal processing.
ARHABThe Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning organization provides launch schedules and links to other ballooning web sites.
BalloonTrack for WindowsBallonTrack for Windows assists in predicting a balloon's flight path.
BatchPCBBatchPCB provides an economical printed circuit board service using output from the EAGLE Layout Editor.
EAGLE Layout EditorThe EAGLE Layout Editor is a tool for creating schematics and designing printed circuit boards (PCBs).
KaymontKaymont is a supplier of meteorological balloons.
KenwoodKenwood manufactures and distributes electronics including amature radios.
Maxim - Dallas SemiconductorMaxim - Dallas Semiconductor manufactures integrated circuits for many applications.
Mouser ElectronicsMouser distributes electronic components.
Nuts and VoltsNuts and Volts, published monthly, carries many articles on electronics. Additionally, L. Paul Verhage writes about Near Space topics.
Open TrackerOpen Tracker encodes information delivered as bytes to a transmission-ready APRS format.
ParallaxParallax manufactures and distributes microcontrollers.
Rogue RoboticsRogue Robotics manufactures and distributes electronics.
SchmartboardSchmartboard develops, manufactures, and distributes printed circuit board solutions for surface mount technology.
SparkFun ElectronicsSparkFun Electronics distributes electronics.
SpherachutesSpherachutes makes parachutes for amature rockets and balloon payloads.

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