Flight Track Online – Summer 2016 Update

Flight Track Online (FTOL) has been processing APRS balloon traffic for a few months.  I last reported processing around 9000 packets per day.  About two weeks ago, some of the regular call signs flying balloons in Europe doubled their flight frequency.  FTOL is processing in excess of 30,000 packets per day.  My little Raspberry Pi 2 takes it all in stride but I have ordered the newer Raspberry Pi 3.

You may notice a different look.  There is some styling and I recently improved the search operation to mimic what one might see during a Google search.  Type in a letter and the application displays a list of call signs that contain the letter.  Lastly, I added a hamburger at the upper left to contain navigation to the Active Flights, Metrics, and other pages.


I would like to get some feedback and considered publishing the URL.  However, I noted some performance concerns and wanted to investigate.  If you are interested in reviewing FTOL in its present state, let me know by replying to this post!

In addition to investigating the performance, I still plan to add the predicted path in real time.

One thought on “Flight Track Online – Summer 2016 Update

  1. Hi Joe

    I’d be interested to see it. In particular, it would be interesting to watch the GPS flights with it

    73 Bruce – VE5BNC


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