Flight Track 1.2.1 Testing

With the changes completed for the next Flight Track release, I started evaluating it by following balloon flights.  This is possible because Flight Track can request data from APRS-IS and process it as if it were transmitted from the balloon payload.  In this manner, I can evaluate the tracking functionality as if I were on the ground joining your chase.
Recently, I followed a flight in Saskatoon and one in Texas.  While the tracking continues to work well, my primary intent was to evaluate changes made to interpret data from different locations.  For example, many European countries use a comma to separate floating point numbers, and the date format varies as well.  To develop and evaluate this, I set my laptop to operate as if it were in a different country.  For the Saskatoon flight, my laptop was in Poland, and for the Texas flight, my laptop was in Canada.
I found small display errors in the Pushpin information boxes, and found I did not port some code changes correctly.  With these errors corrected, the evaluation of Flight Track continued and both flights were successfully followed.  After one or two more flights, I’ll publish the new release.

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