Flight Track Release 1.1 Integration Testing Started

With a big list of changes and over a year in development, the next
release of Flight Track enters integration testing.  Many of the new
features have been evaluated during development to verify intended
For example, the use of the APRS-IS feed was developed in stages to
clarify how to use it.  It was seamlessly integrated with Flight
Tracking last Summer and Flight Track was able to follow balloon flights
from all parts of the country.  Not only was the APRS-IS feed verified
but many of subtle changes to Tracking could also be evaluated with real
balloon flight data and conditions.
Integration Testing will provide a focused look at new features, a
regression test of existing features, and, of course, using Flight Track
to predict flight paths and track balloon flights.  If you have an
upcoming flight that uses the APRS frequency, let me know!

Twitter: @SatelliteSurfer
Email: chiefsurfer@surfingsatellites.org

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