Followed BLT-28 for Testing

I used Flight Track to follow the flight of BLT-28.  Since the flight was designed to float, I did not create a prediction for the flight.
I found a bug after Flight Track started tracking using the APRS-IS server.  While the packet from APRS-IS contained a valid call sign for BLT-28, the packet was not from the balloon (it was a confirmation message from APRS-IS for the filter) and the program failed during an evaluation of the packet.  This was corrected.
I stopped the tracking and attempted to review the flight.  This failed because there was no prediction for the flight.  I reviewed the code, found the error, and corrected it.  Additionally, this had the potential to be an error during tracking so I corrected this as well.
The last bug is a configuration file error.  While this does not affect the operation of Flight Track, it will be corrected.

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