More Flights and More Tests

I was focused on an
on-line course during most of February but managed to follow a few
flights for testing.  I followed the flights of Stratus Maximus II.
2012A, and LEO-1 in the past month.  During each flight I found small
bugs and started correcting them this week.  Additionally, I completed
the coding and testing for upgrading configuration files, and evaluated the installation.
A small
sampling of the bugs I found: pushpin titles appearing on more than one
pushpin during real time prediction, corrupted flight files when
changing the call sign for a flight after saving the flight, and a
periodic error in capturing packets through APRS-IS.
The pushpin
title was corrected but I discovered one MapPoint function is not
entirely reliable to locate uniquely names object when they contain
special characters.  The corrupted files after a Save was very
bothersome so I analyzed it and designed a better algorithm (I prefer to
keep the details of flight file management to a minimum so all the user
has to do is open and manage their flight).  The last error, the
periodic error during packet capture, has been difficult to reproduce.  A
few more flights will be required to understand that one.
I started
updating the Help files.  This tells me that the features I wanted in
Flight Track are there and stable enough to document

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