Updating Documentation

I started updating the Flight Track documentation and made a habit of starting the add-in so I could both get screen shots and match the documentation to functions.  The work flow page has warranted most of my attention recently.  When I started reviewing and updating information for creating predicted flight paths, I noticed small errors in the add-in’s user interface.  As I investigated more, I found one instance where I left numbers in the code rather than supply the numbers from a configuration file.  It would probably have never affected the prediction algorithms but it provides flexibility in the product when the numbers are in a configuration file.  I think flexibility is important.
Updating the documentation has uncovered many minor and one or two larger bugs.  It wasn’t something I expected but I’m happy to comb through the add-in in this manner and remove these errors.  I want an add-in that assists users with their balloon flights (and my balloon flights) rather than annoying them with small errors.  I look forward to following upcoming balloon flights to both demonstrate the add-in’s stability and, maybe, to find a bug or two.

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