More Flights, More Testing

I followed NearSys-12F and HAR120428 this weekend using the APRS-IS feed.  I found interesting bugs (interesting to a tester anyway) in the parsing and in the Where Am I Now? feature.

I set up a new packet format for the NearSys flight and found that while the definition had no errors, parsing actual packets threw string indexing errors.  This was easily corrected.  I also set up a predicted flight path for NearSys-12F.  The flight followed the predicted path very well.

The Where Am I Now? feature accepts NMEA data from a GPS connected to the computer.  The add-in uses this information to display a small car pushpin to indicate the position of the chase team.  In the pushpin’s information, the add-in displays the distance to the balloon, the elevation (in degrees) of the balloon from the chase position, and the direction of the balloon (in degrees East of North) to the balloon.  Instead East of North, it displayed West of North – that’s a bug.

To evaluate flight tracking when a predicted path is not available, I set up HAR120428 without a predicted flight path.  The add-in followed the flight without errors.

Thanks to those teams – those were great flights to follow!

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