Release 1.1 Available – Time for New Feature Development

Flight Track 1.1 was released at the end of May and with that I could start on the development of new features.  The features I have in mind are an ability to determine elevation of the launch site and landing site, and charts.

Presently, Flight Track uses all of the data available from READY to create a predicted path.  However, it is rare that a landing site exists at the last elevation in that READY data set.  Rather, I want to end the predicted path near the elevation of the landing site to improve the accuracy of the prediction.  Having found data available from the United States Geological Survey, Flight Track can use the data to determine landing site elevation.

Lastly, I recently found a charting tool Microsoft made available for .Net developments.  I am experimenting with a graph of altitude and altitude change rates, and a graph of speed and direction.

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